Cheap good food in a good location with great service! What else can you ask for!? We love this place even when they were in Broadleaf.

Deepak VermaDeepak Verma

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE food. Me and my wife recently moved to Oshawa and it’s our first time we ordered something in this location. Waited for so long for such a disgusting food. We ordered chicken Hakka noodles and chicken friend rice. As I said, both dishes were requested with Chicken. But, I couldn’t believe there were hardly any chicken in that. Both items were just so bad that we ate just little bit just because we were super hungry and waited for so long. BEWARE OF THIS PLACE.It’s just disgusting. What a horrible sad experience.

Samad KadriSamad Kadri

Delicious Hakka food. Lots of great options.

Everyone keeps recommending the Zen Special Chicken. I thought it was good, but only if you like a bit of sweetness.

Hakka Spicy Noodles and Chilli Potatoes were my favorites. Veg Manchurian was pretty good too.

Do not get the fried wings. There’s no flavor or salt. Just fried battered wings.

Shankar RatnaShankar Ratna

Yesterday 06/22/23 picked up food which wasn’t cooked! Very disappointed. To this update the owner responded saying “Response from the owner 7 hours ago
Hi Shankar,
Sorry to hear that. This doesn't look like food from our restaurant” why would I take a picture from an other place. Also same night I called and spoke to a lady at the store. She offered credit and I told her I didn’t call for that. I’ve been a customer over 6 years from the old place.
I’ve been coming here for long time and always they were able to substitute meat for veggies but today refused to do so and was bit disappointed. That’s why I’m giving 3 ⭐️ but food quality always been good! Hope will be the same today.

Tayeeba TarannumTayeeba Tarannum

Good halal food, generous quantity.
They have great lunch deals available.
You can adjust spice level while placing order in person or over phone.

They actually serve good portion of meat, not flour coated tiny meat pieces dipped into sauce like some other hakka restaurants. Their food is not too salty either, just well balanced.

Customer service is satisfactory. Dine in open upon proof of vaccination.

Mochi- jojoba CMochi- jojoba C

I was pleasantly surprised by the warm and cozy ambiance at The Zen (Stouffville)
The staff at The Zen provided top-notch service. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with a friendly smile, and our server was incredibly knowledgeable about the menu, offering great recommendations throughout the meal.The menu at The Zen is a delightful fusion of flavors. They offer a diverse range of dishes, from classic comfort food to more exotic options. We tried the chilly chicken and the black pepper steak both which were excellent.The food was exceptional. Each dish was beautifully presented and bursting with flavor. Portion sizes were just right. We left comfortably satisfied without feeling overly full.


Ordered Chilli Chicken Gravy and Bombay Fish Dry through Uber. Food is good. Just wish it were more crispy. It came soggy but that could be because it was sitting in a covered container. Chilli chicken could also use some more gravy, green chillies, and salt. Salt is easily fixed at home so no big deal. Happy about the quantity of chicken and fish though. Will try dining in some day.

Martin NabiMartin Nabi

Menu said chilli chicken entree included steamed rice but they said it was not included and charged for a steam rice. They also automatically included a 18% tip for two people and the machine still asks for tips! Be careful.

Ashley C.Ashley C.

Love the layout and design of the restaurant. The food taste great. Staff were friendly and greeted when we came in.

Toral PatelToral Patel

My partner and I drove from markham to try this place. We definitely think it was worth the drive. The food tasted really fresh and satisfying. The veg manchurian momos and mango salad were my top fav! The inside ambiance was nice with friendly staff. I highly recommend. 10/10